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Alchemist is a wizard class specialized in crafting. The Alchemist specializes in the craft of consumable items, mostly potions. Crafting takes a lot of time in Tree of Savior, some items take up to several hours to craft. While crafting items, alchemists cannot partake in any other activities. An alchemist engaged in crafting will continue to craft the item even when logged out of the game. Your crafting station will still be visible in-game.

So, much time and effort should be spent on crafting items. So if you see Alchemists on the road who are burning, boiling, squeezing ingredients, send them a word of cheers.

Gem Roasting

Gems that can be obtained in dungeons give various stat boosts when they are inserted into sockets. Some stats improve, but others decrease. For example, one gem when inserted into a weapon socket gives +27 attack damage, but -10 accuracy. You will be able to mitigate the effects of these penalties by engaging in Gem Roasting. In the example, the accuracy penalty will be improved from -10 to -3.

Players will be able to enhance their Gems by using Alchemist’s Gem Roasting Shop (presumably while the alchemist is offline).


Also known as weapon enhancing. Every weapon has “potential” which indicates how many times it can be enhanced. Enhancing an item can change its min and max damage. For example, a scimitar has a base damage range of 59 - 72. An alchemist can combine a saber and some ore with the scimitar to enhance the scimitar's damage. The new damage range would be [54-63] - [66-77] and the scimitar's potential decreases by one.


Alchemist can also extract juice from herb items and create potion items using the juice.

Some of the items that were introduced during CBT1 such as potions to increase your movement speed, decrease your cool-down time, etc. can only be crafted by Alchemists and can’t be obtained by other means. For smooth testing during CBT1, they were temporarily sold at one of the shops in the game.

The number of kinds of potions that can be crafted will increase based on the level of Tincturing skill, and these potions’ stats will also increase.


Alchemist can use an item as a medium to create a portal to a two-dimensional dungeon. After clearing a mission there, the hidden options of the item will be activated. The number of players that can participate in this mission increases as the skill level increases. As more people participate this mission, it can be cleared more easily. A listed example was a gladius with an awakening option which granted [Strength +10] upon dungeon clear.

Magnum Opus

There are items in the game that can only be crafted by alchemy since they can’t be obtained through Shops or monsters. Alchemist can craft these items using its distinct skill called “Magnum Opus”.

You can use this skill when you place ingredient items on the Craft Plate. The items that will be created as a result of this skill will vary depending on what kind of ingredient items you used and the locations of those items on the plate.

As the skill level increases, the size of the plate will enlarge and you could also deploy various manuals on the plate to create multiple items simultaneously.

It could take from a few seconds to a few hours.

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