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Cleric Class: Dievdirbys

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“Dievdirbys” (God Carver) is a Cleric-type class which is specialized in making diverse types of wooden Goddess statues. These statues act as a totem, granting friendlies in range with various beneficial effects as well as debuffing enemies. Because carving a statue has a relatively long cast time, the Dievdirbys can be interrupted by enemies while doing so, it is important to avoid getting hit.

Depending on which goddess statue Dievdirbys makes, it changes the outcome of battles by casting debuffs on nearby enemies, increasing attack ranges of other players and so on. When Dievdirbys makes “Vakarinė” statue on the field, then the statue will act as a temporary warp point and everyone can use it to teleport to other locations.


The concept of Dievdirbys is claimed to be inspired from the Royal Road Hidden Class, The Legendary of Moonlight Sculpture, a very popular MMO novel written in Korean and has up to 40 volumes. Read a translated chapter. Another inspiration of Dievdirbys comes from Lithuanian culture, you can read more here.


Skills Description Circle Type
Carve Attacks a target with a carving knife. Deals bonus damage to plant-type monsters and obtains materials for statue carving. 1 Attack
Carve Zemyna Carves a statue of Žemyna. Party members nearby the statue spends less SP when using skills. 1 Attack
Carve Vakarine Carves a statue of Vakarinė. The statue can be used to warp to another area. 1 Attack
Carve Laima Carves a statue of Laima. Increases splash of party members nearby the statue. 1 Attack
Carve Owl Carves a statue of an owl that attacks targets in front. 2 Attack
Carve Austras Koks Carves a statue of Austras Koks that will silence the enemy. 3 Attack


Attributes Description
Wood Carve: Acquire Item 스킬 [목각 공격]으로 재료를 획득할 확률이 특성 레벨 당 5% 증가합니다.
Sculptor [목각 공격] 스킬이 식물형 몬스터에게 레벨당 5% 추가대미지를 입힙니다
Dievdirbys: Plant Damage [둔기] 착용 시 식물형 몬스터에게 특성 레벨 당 물리 공격력의 10%만큼 추가대미지를 줍니다.
Affected Skill: Carve
Carve: Enhance Lv. 1 특성 레벨당 [목각 공격] 대미지가 상승합니다. 식물형 적에게 주는 추가 대미지도 상승합니다.
Carve: Enhance Lv. 2 [목각 공격] 대미지가 딥디르비 2서클 수준으로 강화됩니다.
Carve: Enhance Lv. 3 [목각 공격] 대미지가 딥디르비 3서클 수준으로 강화됩니다.
Affected Skill: Carve Austras Koks
Carve Austras Koks: Gravity 스킬 [세계수의 조각] 범위안에 있는 적을 끌어 당깁니다.
Affected Skill: Carve Owl
Carve Owl: Count 스킬 [부엉이 조각상]의 유지 개수가 레벨당 1 증가합니다
Carve Owl: Fire 스킬 [부엉이 조각상] 스킬의 공격에 적이 피격될때마다 레벨당 5% 확률로 5초간 캐릭터 마법 피해의 5% 만큼 상태 [화염]에 걸립니다
Carve Owl: Enhance Lv. 1 특성 레벨당 [부엉이 조각상] 대미지가 상승합니다.
Carve Owl: Enhance Lv. 2 [부엉이 조각상] 대미지가 딥디르비 2서클 수준으로 강화됩니다.
Carve Owl: Enhance Lv. 3 [부엉이 조각상] 대미지가 딥디르비 3서클 수준으로 강화됩니다.
Affected Skill: Carve Zemyna
Carve Zemyna: Duration 스킬 [제미나 여신상]의 유지시간이 특성 레벨 당 2초 증가합니다.
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