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Hidden Classes

There are “Hidden Classes” in Tree of Savior. Hidden classes can be unlocked when players achieve a certain amount of achievement points.


There are Four Hidden Classes in Tree of Savior. Explanation:

We know this:

  • 80 character classes and 10 stages of class advancements
  • There are four basic classes
  • In Q&A #1, each class has two class advancements

The table below will explain it all.

Wizard Example Base Class Total Class Total Advancement
Wizard (1) Rank 1 1 Basic Class
Pyromancer Cryomancer Rank 2 3 1
(2)Psychokino Linker(2) Rank 3 5 2
Thaumaturge Elementalist Rank 4 7 3
Undisclosed Undisclosed Rank 5 9 4
Undisclosed Undisclosed Rank 6 11 5
Undisclosed Undisclosed Rank 7 13 6
Undisclosed Undisclosed Rank 8 15 7
Undisclosed Undisclosed Rank 9 17 8
Undisclosed Undisclosed Rank 10 (3) 19 9
Hidden Class (4) Hidden 20 10

(1) We start with one basic class, for e.g. Wizard at Rank 1.
(2) Each class advancement, there are two new classes to choose from. Class circles is ignored for discussion sake.
(3) After nine class advancements, we would have reached Rank 10 class, with 19 classes introduced.
(4) The tenth class advancement must be a hidden class.


  1. There is only one hidden class for each job type.
  2. The hidden class may not occur as Rank 10 class, they may appear anywhere in the Ranks.
  3. If No. 2 is true. Player can choose to skip hidden class in favor of advancing to a second circle in their current class.

So, 19 classes + 1 hidden class = 20 classes. Multiply this table by 4 (because we have basic Swordsman, Cleric, Archer and Wizard class) we will get 76 revealed classes and 4 hidden classes. Do note that:

Plus, developers did mention that players will unlock hidden class when they have achieved enough Adventure Achievement points in the Adventure Journal.

Tell us what you think.

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