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Archer Class: Hunter

Base Class


Main Weapon


Sub Weapon


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Hunter is a trainer class who hunts down enemies using companion. Hunter's companion uses offensive skills which allow for cooperation with it's owner. Companions have skills such as biting and slowing down the target and/or revealing hidden enemies.


Coursing Companion will bite on the target. Critical chance bonus applies to the bitten target. 1 Attack
Snatching Ask the companion to drop the aerial type monster to the ground. 1 Attack
Pointing Companion pace around the enemy and serve as a target (agro). Enemy's evasion is reduced. 1 Attack
Retrieve Companion bites the target and drags it towards the owner. 1 Attack
Praise Temporarily raise the movement speed and attack speed of the companion. 1 Attack
Hounding Locate the target hiding around the companion. 1 Attack


Affected Skill: Coursing
Coursing: Aggro
코싱: 어그로
Target that was bitten by Coursing skill will attack the companion.
스킬 [코싱]으로 물린 적이 컴패니언을 공격합니다.
Affected Skill: Hounding
Hounding: Panic
하운딩: 공황
10% probability to inflict Confusion to target discovered by Hounding skill per attribute level.
스킬 [하운딩]으로 발견된 적이 특성 레벨 당 10% 확률로 [혼란]에 걸립니다.
Affected Skill: Pointing
Pointing: Horror
포인팅: 공포
10% probability to inflict Fear to monster hit by Pointing skill per attribute level.
스킬 [포인팅]에 찍힌 몬스터는 특성 레벨 당 10% 확률로 [공포]에 걸립니다.
Affected Skill: Praise
Praise: Increase Movement Speed
프레이즈: 이동속도
The movement speed increase of the companion in Praise skill will increase by 5% per attribute level.
스킬 [프레이즈]로 증가하는 컴패니언의 이동속도가 특성 레벨 당 5% 증가합니다.
Affected Skill: Retrieve
Retrieve: Reduce Defense
리트리브: 방어감소
스킬 [리트리브]에 당하는 적은 방어력이 특성 레벨 당 5 감소합니다.
Affected Skill: Snatching
Snatching: Flying Damage
스내칭: 공중적 대미지
Aerial type monster that fell to the ground by Snatching skill will receive 20% additional damamge by “slash” attack per attribute level.
스킬 [스내칭]으로 땅에 떨어진 공중형 몬스터는 베기 타격 속성 공격에 특성 레벨 당 20% 추가대미지를 입습니다.
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