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Wizard Class: Linker

Base Class


Main Weapon


Sub Weapon


Main Stat


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“Linker” either links characters or monsters together.

The monsters that are linked together will receive damage or de-buffs simultaneously. These monsters can be pulled and gathered at one place to help other players to attack them easier. When Linker links allies together, the effects from potions or buffs can be shared with each other and the damage received by monsters can be reduced. The Linker Submaster is located in Miners' Village.


Unbind Disconnect from all links. 1 Attack
Joint Penalty The enemies linked will be damaged at the same time. 1 Attack
Physical Link Link teammate so that the damage will be weakened and spread between linked party members. 1 Attack
Hangman's Knot Gathers enemies who are caught by the link. 1 Attack
Spiritual Chain Links with the party to share buff effects. 2 Attack
Umbilical Cord Links with a target to share their defense and HP recovery. 3 Attack


Affected Skill: Hangman's Knot
Hangmans Knot: Add Damage
행멘스낫: 대미지추가
Enemies hit by [Hangmans Knot] will receive additional damage 20% per attribute level of caster's magic damage.
스킬 [행맨스낫]에 피격 된 적들은 특성 레벨 당 자신의 마법 피해의 20% 만큼 추가 피해를 입습니다.
Hangmans Knot: Splash Defense
행맨스낫: 스플래시방어
Targets affected by [Hangsman Knot] have Splash Defense reduced by 1.
스킬 [행맨스낫]으로 모아진 적들의 스플래시 방어가 1 감소합니다.
Affected Skill: Joint Penalty
Joint Penalty: Add Damage
조인트페널티: 대미지추가
Enemies linked by [Joint Penalty] will receive additional damage by 20% per attribute level of the caster's magic damage.
스킬 [조인트페널티] 링크에 닿는 적이 레벨당 마법 피해의 20% 만큼 추가대미지를 입습니다
Affected Skill: Physical Link
Physical Link: Defense
피지컬링크: 방어
Increase Physical Defense of linked allies by [Total Party Members + Attribute Level]
스킬 [피지컬링크]가 활성화 되어 있는 동안 [연결된 파티원 수 + 특성 레벨] 만큼 물리 방어력이 증가합니다.
Affected Skill: Spiritual Chain
Spiritual Chain: Duration
스피리추얼 체인: 지속시간
[Spiritual Chain] Skill duration increased by 2 seconds per attribute level.
스킬 [스피리추얼 체인] 스킬의 지속시간이 특성 레벨 당 2초 증가합니다.
Affected Skill: Umbilical Cord
Umbilical Cord: Remaining Defense
탯줄: 잔존방어
스킬 [탯줄]을 사용 시 물리 방어력이 특성 레벨 당 10% 남아있게 됩니다.
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