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Cleric Class: Monk

Base Class


Main Weapon


Sub Weapon


Main Stat


Attack Range




Monk is a pure attack-based Cleric-type class.

Most of its skills are influenced by Strength, so it may require some patience to grow Monk class.
“Iron Shirt” reflects enemies’ attacks without receiving any damages so it will be useful when Monk acts as a tanker in team plays. Monk uses mace as their main weapon. Fists are only used with skills and knuckle items does not exist in the game.

“Sunrays Hand” receives bonuses from the three stats, so when collaborating with other buff skills or other classes, its effect will be intensified.


Tai Qi Punch

  • Target: Facing, Splash
  • Gathering his inner strength, Monk releases his power in a single punch, dealing splash damage to enemies in front of him.

Iron Shirt

  • Target: Self, Return Damage
  • Casting a shirt of the Gods, the Monk will reflect all damage and receive no damage from monsters.

Close Combat

  • Target: Self
  • Monk engages in close combat. Using both hands to deal double damage and the spell increases defense.

Sunray Hand

  • Target: Facing, Line of Sight
  • Channeling inner strength, vitality and intelligence, Monk is able to release a massive amount of damage on a straight line.
  • Damage will be intensified when collaborated with buffs or when Sadhu class channels vitality.
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