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How to be a Contributor


  1. Register as a member of the Tree of Savior Wiki
  2. Email or Facebook Message the Administrator to verify your registration
    (Twitter and Google+ works too)
  3. Start editing (Follow Formatting Syntax)
  4. ALWAYS preview your work before saving
  5. When satisfied, enter the CAPTCHA
  6. Press “Save”

I have Registered But Cannot Make Edits

  • For new registered members, you will not have editing authority. This is due to spam prevention
  • We highly suggest that you contribute to the wiki via the Forum Wiki Section
  • All contributions there will be overlooked and updated accordingly
  • Once you have enough reps we will consider upgrading your membership to allow creates and edits

All modifications are screened by our team members. If your edit was reverted, that means we do not accept your edit for specific reasons.

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