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Headgears are items worn on the head section of the characters. The headgears below are official Tree of Savior released headgears in images and patch notes. However, the names are fan made because the official names for the item is still unavailable at the moment.

*Click on images for full sized image.

Image Description
Egg Egg
Chick Chick
Chicken Chicken
Train Captain Cap Train Captain Cap
Fedora Fedora
Goggles Goggles
Glasses Glasses
Glasses Red Glasses Red
Icepack Icepack
Sweet Brier Sweet Brier
Winged Helm Winged Helm
Feather Hat Feather Hat
Maple Maple
Ginkgo Leaf Ginkgo Leaf
Flower Ribbon Flower Ribbon
Angel Wing Angel Wing
Butterfly Butterfly
Crown Crown
Eagle Feather Eagle Feather
Tiny Doll Tiny Doll
Devil Wing Devil Wing
Rabbit Ears Rabbit Ears
Mushcaria Hat Mushcaria Hat
Tassel Hat Tassel Hat
Nurse Cap Nurse Cap
Silver Accesory Silver Accesory
Bear Eye Patch Bear Eye Patch
Gold Bar Gold Bar
Katyn Flower Katyn Flower
Dog Ears Dog Ears
Gold Rabbit Gold Rabbit
Rudolph Rudolph
Helm1 Helm1
Helm2 Helm2
Helm3 Helm3
Cow Cow
Lion Mask1 Lion Mask1
Lion Mask2 Lion Mask2
Tengu Mask Tengu Mask
Fox Mask Fox Mask
3D Glasses 3D Glasses
Unicorn Horn Unicorn Horn
Sheep Horn Sheep Horn
Red Horn Red Horn
Black Rabbit Ears Black Rabbit Ears
Desert Foxears Desert Foxears
Mirtis Helm Mirtis Helm
Cepa Doll Cepa Doll
Red Devil Wing Red Devil Wing
Pink Rabbit Ears Pink Rabbit Ears
Double Wing White Double Wing White
Double Wing Black Double Wing Black
Maid Hat Maid Headband
Tal Tal
Tiger Mask Tiger Mask
Tiger Mask White Tiger Mask White
White Rabbit Ears White Rabbit Ears
Metal Tassel Metal Tassel
Feather Crown Feather Crown
Shaman Mask Shaman Mask
Sprout Sprout
Fried Egg Fried Egg
Tassel Crown Tassel Crown
Cone Hat Cone Hat
Cat Pin Cat Pin
Metal Gear Metal Gear
Base Ball Base Ball
Big Ribbon Big Ribbon
Paper Crane Paper Crane
Dead Band Dead Band
Square Hat Square Hat
Carnival Mask Carnival Mask
Peacock Feather Peacock Feather
Indian Hat Indian Hat
Pine Apple Pine Apple
Cow Bow Hat Cow Bow Hat
Crown Hat Crown Hat
Owl Owl
Crown Band Crown Band
Fez Fez
Jokdoori Jokdoori
Flower Tree Flower Tree
Knotband Dots Knotband Dots
Knotband Blue Knotband Blue
Cupcake1 Cupcake1
Cupcake2 Cupcake2
Lama Hat Lama Hat
Mergen Hat Mergen Hat
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