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촌장의 아이언 클럽

Equipment NameVillage Chief's Iron Club (촌장의 아이언 클럽)
Equipment TypeMace
Equip AsWeapon
Attack TypeStrike
Required ClassSwordsman, Wizard, Cleric
Left Hand Skill
Refine MethodAnvil
Added into JournalTRUE
Shop TradableYES
Player TradableNO
Village Chief's Iron Club (촌장의 아이언 클럽)
One-Handed Mace [Strike]
Weight: 120

Physical Damage
12 ~ 16
- Magic Damage12

It has traces of being used as a tool and not as a weapon. (무기가 아니라 도구로 사용한 흔적이 있습니다.)
Level Requirement: 1
Job Requirement: Swordsman, Wizard, Cleric
Sockets: 1

Potential3 / 3
Durability46 / 46
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