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스미스 메이스

Equipment NameSmith Mace (스미스 메이스)
Equipment TypeMace
Equip AsWeapon
Attack TypeStrike
Required ClassSwordsman, Wizard, Cleric
Left Hand Skill
Refine MethodAnvil
Added into JournalTRUE
Shop TradableYES
Player TradableYES
Smith Mace (스미스 메이스)
One-Handed Mace [Strike]
Weight: 120

Physical Damage
16 ~ 20
- Magic Damage16
- Attacks have 2% chance to deal +600% damage

이 무기의 위력은 사용자의 능력이나 신앙심과는 무관합니다.
Level Requirement: 1
Job Requirement: Swordsman, Wizard, Cleric
Sockets: 0

Potential2 / 2
Durability40 / 40
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