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헤비 사브르

Equipment NameHeavy Sabre (헤비 사브르)
Equipment TypeSword
Equip AsWeapon
Attack TypeSlash
Required ClassSwordsman, Wizard, Cleric
Left Hand Skill
Refine MethodAnvil
Added into JournalTRUE
Shop TradableYES
Player TradableYES
Heavy Sabre (헤비 사브르)
One-Handed Sword [Slash]
Weight: 150

Physical Damage
40 ~ 52

Basic armed weapon for cavalry, it is appropriate for slashing. Equipped with shield to protect the user's hand. (기병들의 기본 무장이며, 베기에 적합한 구조를 지녔습니다. 검병이 있어 손을 보호하는 효과도 있습니다.)
Level Requirement: 40
Job Requirement: Swordsman, Wizard, Cleric
Sockets: 2

Potential5 / 5
Durability42 / 42
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