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바스타드 소드

Equipment NameBastard Sword (바스타드 소드)
Equipment TypeTHSword
Equip AsTHWeapon
Attack TypeSlash
Required ClassSwordsman
Left Hand Skill
Refine MethodAnvil
Added into JournalTRUE
Shop TradableYES
Player TradableYES
Bastard Sword (바스타드 소드)
Two-Handed Sword [Slash]
Weight: 160

Physical Damage
23 ~ 29
- Splash1

If you are experienced with two-handed sword, the structure of the blade can cause a lot of damage. (어떤 장인들과 검사들은 혼합양식의 양손 기본검이라 부릅니다. 자기 위안은 중요하니까 말입니다.)
Level Requirement: 15
Job Requirement: Swordsman
Sockets: 2

Potential4 / 4
Durability42 / 42
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