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헬 엔드 헤븐

Equipment NameHell And Heaven (헬 엔드 헤븐)
Equipment TypeTHSword
Equip AsTHWeapon
Attack TypeSlash
Required ClassSwordsman
Left Hand Skill
Refine MethodAnvil
Added into JournalTRUE
Shop TradableYES
Player TradableYES
Hell And Heaven (헬 엔드 헤븐)
Two-Handed Sword [Slash]
Weight: 200

Physical Damage
153 ~ 206
- Physical Damage161
- Physical Defense-90
- Hit Rate41
- Strength24
- Splash3

공격이 최선의 방어라는 경구가 있습니다. 당신이 이 검으로 그 사실을 증명하십시오.
Level Requirement: 120
Job Requirement: Swordsman
Sockets: 2

Potential9 / 9
Durability42 / 42
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