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Adventure Achievements

Adventure Achievements is a tab in the Adventure Journal that contains all the hidden contents of the game that players may want to discover. These achievements can not be achieved simply by killing monsters. A list of achievements includes collecting all the different kinds of items, searching and navigating all the maps, clearing all the quests including the hidden quests and more.

All players' achievement will be ranked by a point basis.

Advantages of Adventure Achievement Points

When players obtained a certain amount of achievement points, they will be able to unlock certain quests or some upper level classes.

List of Achievements

Category: Kill
Monster Ruler Killed 100 monsters
Monster Conquerer Killed 1,000 monsters
Monster Mall Strangler Killed 10,000 monsters
Monster Hunter Killed 100,000 monsters
Boss Ruler Killed 100 bosses
Boss Conquerer Killed 300 bosses
Boss Hunter Killed 500 bosses
Category: Overkill
Overkill Successful Person Achieved 100 times overkill
Overkill Starter Achieved 500 times overkil
Master of Overkill Achieved 1,000 times overkill
God of Overkill Achieved 3,000 times overkill
Category: Production
Production Beginner The production was successful 10 times
Production Master The production was successful 50 times
Production Professionals The production was successful 100 times
Production God The production was successful 300 times
Category: PVP
Challenger Disable 3 players out of combat
Gladiator Disable 10 players out of combat
Commander of War Disable 20 players out of combat
God of War Disable 50 players out of combat
Category: Tournament
Tournament Fan Club Gave 20 gifts during the match
Tournament Groupies Gave 100 gifts during the match
Tournament Fan Club Vice-President Gave 500 gifts during the match
Category: Other
Monster Energy Had to play for 7 days
Daegil Stalker Daegil was bothered 100 times
Because I’m important Visited beauty salons 3 times
Treasure Hunter Robbed 20 treasure boxes
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