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The “Barracks” serve as a character selection user interface in Tree of Savior game. In this screen, players can choose to create a new character or delete existing character. Players can create up to four male or female characters using their first barracks.

They can be upgraded. The greater the Barracks, the more characters you can have. The starting one gives you four additional character slots, while the biggest, more expensive ones, can easily store dozens of characters.

All the characters in the barracks are displayed on the left hand side, they can be sorted by level or by activity. When a character is selected, player can move him/her around using the control keys. The barracks also shows the following information:

  • Class of character
  • Last location
  • IP address
  • All equipped items

When the “Start Game” button is pressed, player will start with the selected character in his last position. Players can also visit other people's barracks to leave messages.


Companions occupy a slot in the barracks. The companion must be accompanied by any class that goes into the field. So when selecting companions, players are actually selecting two characters to enter the field.

The level of companion closeness differs between each character you have in the barracks, so players should keep that in mind when choosing companions.

Barracks Upgrade

When the barracks is full, players can choose to upgrade their barracks to have more slots or to move into a bigger barracks. Bigger barracks are more expensive, but it can fit more people. Although players can invite other friends into their barracks, there is no currently known use.

The barracks can be decorated as well.

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