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User Interface

The updated User Interface shows all relevant information in a very compact manner and allows player to have a full overview of the character's surrounding. This user interface is captured on a 21:9 aspect ratio monitor. It shows the character (Wet Tissue Galbi) in the city of Siauliai.

  • Character - In the middle of the screen in quarter view. Angle and camera rotation is locked, zoom enabled
  • Minimap (Top Right) - Player is marked with a yellow, triangle marker
  • Frames per Second
  • Conversation (Bottom Left)
  • Menus (Bottom Right)
  • Basic Character Information (Bottom Center)

Basic Character Info

  • Quick Item Slots (Expandable)
  • Quick Skill Slots (Expandable)
  • Health Points (Red Bar & Number)
  • Magic Points (Blue Bar & Number)
  • Stamina Points (Yellow Diamond & Number)
  • Base Level (Yellow Number, right-side of Base Experience Points)
  • Base Experience Points (Yellow Bar)
  • Job/Class Level (Green Number, left-side of Job/Class Experience Points)
  • Job/Class Experience Points (Green Bar)

From left to right

  1. Equipment
  2. Party
  3. Friends
  4. Cash Shop (?)
  5. Notifications
  6. Help
  7. Settings


Chat feature for Tree of Savior

  1. All
  2. Public
  3. Global Shout
  4. Party
  5. Whisper
  6. Emoticons
  7. Chat Settings

Old User Interface

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