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Besides player to player trading, players can make use of “Market & Auction” to trade their item more efficiently. A market is a place for players to trade without barriers.

To sell an item:

  • Seller has to register the item with the market
  • Once registered the item can be found by other players
  • When the item is sold, the market will notify the players

To buy an item:

  • Buyers can browse the market for all kinds of item
  • The price is set by the seller during item registration
  • If buyer agrees with with price, item can be purchased immediately with in-game currency

Auction House

The Auction House offers a more aggressive approach to trading that requires more user interaction to sell an item. To participate in an auction, a player has to visit the Auctioneer NPC available in every market in cities.

To sell an item:

  • Similar to selling in market, seller has to register their items
  • Seller needs to set the following:
    • Starting Bid
    • Buy Now Price
    • Auction Duration
    • Minimum Bid Increment
  • The auctioneer will handle the rest from there

To buy an item:

  • Buyers can choose to either bid on the item
  • Or select Buy Now to purchase the item skipping the bidding process
  • Many buyers may participate on the bidding process from different cities
  • The highest bidder at the end of the auction wins the item
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