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Kim Seyong (김세용)

Kim Seyong 김세용

Kim Seyong


IMC Games Co.,Ltd.


Vice President

Games Created


Ragnarok Online

Granado Espada

Date of Birth

December 10th

Kim Seyong is the vice president in imcGAMES. He is the project director in imcGAMES and is currently responsible for producing the Tree of Savior game. Kim Hakkyu used to be directly involved in Tree of Savior's development; however, he has recently took a step backward and play more of an advisory role for Tree of Savior. Kim Seyong is currently the main person behind Tree of Savior's development.

It is believed that Kim Seyong was a colleague of Kim Hakkyu during their days in Gravity. They worked in the Arcturus project that is claimed to be more similar to Tree of Savior than Ragnarok Online. During Kim Hakkyu's departure from Gravity in 2002, Kim Seyong were one of the core member to leave Gravity as well.

He joined Kim Hakkyu as a co-founder and together with five people1), they established imcGAMES. With ₩500 million equity investment from HanbitSoft in April 2003, imcGAMES started Granado Espada. The contract with HanbitSoft also guaranteed imcGAMES ₩4.5 billion down payment for continual game development.

Kim Seyong is currently overseeing the overall development of Tree of Savior.

Question and Answers

Kim Seyong was also responsible for many of the Q&As in the Tree of Savior official blog. He goes under the heading “SyKim”. His display picture is a rabbit, nobody knows why he prefers a rabbit as the display picture.

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