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Mina Kim (김민아)

Mina Kim


Maggi An Jeong-won


IMC Games Co.,Ltd.


Monster Designer


Concept Art


Tree of Savior


Personal Blog


Date of Birth

26 November 1990

Mina Kim (김민아) is a concept artist responsible for Monsters designs in IMC Games. Mina Kim graduated from Hongik University in Seoul, Korea specializing in Industrial Design. One of her published work is the design of the mountable companion in the game. Together with a few other monster designer, Mina Kim and her team has created all the monsters in Tree of Savior. Some of the hair accessories and weapons are also created by her. Many of her works are still not published yet.

Passion & Inspiration

Mina Kim is extremely passionate about drawing and creating monsters. Deciding to become a concept artist was the best choice of her life. She gets her inspiration from watching photos of nature and animals. She also gets inspiration from her 6 years old Japanese Spitz breed dog named Harang.

Tools Used

Mina uses the conventional paper and pencil to sketch rough things and ideas. Apart from that, most of her work (from start to finish) is done using Photoshop. She designs both 2D and 3D art. However, she prefers to draw in 2D and most of her work in Tree of Savior is 2D.

Mina Kim's work first published by IMC Games in Question & Answers #4 where companion is introduced.

Companion introduced in Q&A #4

Mina's Personal Artwork

Mina's best concept artwork

Archer that looks like Tree of Savior's Archer


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