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Tet Mamak La

Tet Mamak La (텟 마카클라)
[Attack] - [Physical] - [Strike]
Commands zombies to move to designated place.
좀비를 지정된 장소로 오게 합니다.
Skill LevelSkill EffectsCooldownSP Cons.
1 Required Summoned Zombies | Mastered in 1 level 9 14

*Skill data does not include attribute and item multipliers.

ClassBokorUnlock Circle1
Levels/Circle5On EnemyNo
Skill TypeMeleeOn FriendNo
TargetGroundOn NeutralNo
Splash TypeSquareEnable Shoot MoveYes
Required ItemNoneEnable Cast MoveNo
Required ObjectNoneEnable JumpshotNo
Required WeaponNoneEnable CompanionBoth
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