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Companion is the term used to refer to Pets and Mounts in Tree of Savior game. At the moment, there is not a specific way to distinguish pets from mounts because some pets can be mounted and some mounts can support players in battle. The developers may not differentiate pets and mounts at all.

There are many types of companions. Each companion is specialized in some specific work such as mounting to increase running speed, help us in battles, transport items for us and more (not disclosed).

Each companion occupy a slot in the barrack. That means if you have five slots in the barrack, you can have four characters and one companion. Companion can be shared by all other characters in the barrack, so players can choose a character and a companion into the field at the character selection UI.

Companion Interaction

Feeding companion

Companions can be leveled up in battles. When they are leveled up, player can increase their stats, attributes (특성) or equip them with items. Companions have different “Closeness Level” to all the characters in the barrack.

At the moment there is no evolution system for companions in Tree of Savior, however you can equip items onto them (see image).

Interaction Commands

Description Key
Alt + 1 Pet Companion
Alt + 2 Feed Companion
Alt + Up Mount Companion
Alt + Dn Unmount Companion

Companion Basic Info & Main Stats

Companion stats and equipped with Horn

Like your character, companions gain experience and levels according to the companion experience chart. After they have leveled up, companions can learn special attributes.

  • [Character Name] (Monster Type)
  • Level
  • EXP
  • STA
  • [Companion Name] Closeness Level
  • ATK
  • DEF
  • Mounted DEF Bonus
  • Mounted Evasion Bonus
  • Mounted HP Bonus

Companion Attributes

While it is not known if each companion will have their own special attributes, we do know of the following ones:

  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Evasion
  • Bite
  • Growl
  • Target (?)

Companion Equipment

Companions possess two equipment slots. You can give them specific items to equip, which will enhance their stats.

  • Horn

Purchasing Companion

You can purchase companions in Klaipeda from the pet merchant Christina.

Bell Hidar (Velhider)
367,000 Silver

1,512,000 Silver

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