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Item Crafting

Item Crafting refers to creating unique items using described ingredients according to item crafting manuals. All classes in Tree of Savior Game can upgrade their equipment. Some Classes however, specializes in Items crafting and may be able to craft more sophisticated items or have an added advantage over other classes.

In order to craft an item, you need a recipe. Recipes will be saved in your Adventure Journal. Once you possess the materials for a particular item, you can craft it anytime during Rest Mode. When you craft an item, you can freely change its name and add a description that will be shown on its tooltip.

Certain classes can craft consumable items and staying in field after log out while doing so. They are:

Item Manuals

Item Manuals are recipes for item crafting. Players can obtain item manuals from completing quests or from monsters. Once the item manual is obtained, it is recorded on Adventure Journal. Once recorded, there is no limit as to how many times a player can craft the item using the manual. Crafting manuals can be taught to other players.

Collect Ingredients

Players can collect ingredients from everywhere, buy from NPC, collect from monster drops, trade from other players, crafting and etc.


When all the ingredients are collected, players can perform crafting from the Adventure Journal UI. Crafting is not 100% success rate, the success probability depends on the level of the item. Classes specialized in crafting may have a better success rate.

Players can insert Description, and Memo for the item they are crafting. e.g. “King Joffrey's” Broad Sword. Crafting is only possible during Rest Mode, and it could take a few seconds to more than 10 minutes depending on what kind of items you are crafting.

Arrow Crafting

Arrow crafting is a skill that only Fletcher can use to make special arrows.

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