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Item Upgrading

Item Upgrading (Enhancement) refers to methods of adding stats and improving attributes of a player's equipment; it is different from item crafting. All classes in Tree of Savior Game can upgrade their equipment. Only certain items can be upgraded, they are weapons, shields, armor, pants, footgear and gloves. There are 3.5 methods to upgrade equipment:

  1. Item Advancements
  2. Inserting Gems
  3. Adding Magic Amulets

Although there are only three methods to properly upgrade your weapon, there is also another indirect way of upgrading your weapon, that is making use of the Squire Class. Squire Class specializes in weapon repairing. Depending on the repair skill level, equipment repaired by a squire class may exceed its original stats.

26th Sept - Equipment can now be upgraded near the Goddess statues

Item Potential

Equipment will come with an extra stat called “​Potential”​. Item potential is an indicator of how many times you can upgrade your equipment. Whenever you successfully upgrade an item, item potential decreases by 1. Item potential is affected by advancement,​ drilling holes for socket insertion, adding magic amulets and trading items. When item potential reaches zero, doing any form of upgrade may destroy the item.

19th Sept - Item Potential will drop only when enhancement (advancement) failed.

Advancement Upgrade

Equipment advancement can be done by players using a Moru (Anvil). An anvil can only be used once. The result of the upgrade is the classic +1, +2, +3, +4, +5 to your gears.

The more you advance, the less likely you are to succeed. In case of failure, the item is destroyed. Advancements are rumored to go up to 40, with abysmal chances of success starting around +15.

The developers have made item advancement more dependent on a players' skill (unofficial, see video):

  1. Once activated anvil, players will select which item to upgrade.
  2. Once selected, the anvil will appear on the ground with a countdown.
  3. This countdown is determined by how high the +number is. e.g. If player is trying to advance a +9 item, the countdown starts from 9.
  4. For every number countdown, players must attack the anvil with accuracy.
  5. Hitting it timely and the countdown will continue.
  6. When countdown finishes, your item advancement is complete.
  7. However if players hit it with an incorrect timing, the advancement will fail and item may break.


Inserting Gems

Some equipment come with gem slots in them. There are four shapes of gem slots, round-type, quadrangle-type, diamond-type, and star-type. These gems give extra attributes to your weapon and can only be added into the corresponding shape of the slot.

For equipment that does not come with a slot, player can visit the Ironsmith NPC to make slots in them. This will however decrease one potential point on the equipment.

Adding Magic Amulets

The third method is to attach magic amulets on the gears to enhance its attributes. Player can attach up to three amulets on their equipment. Magic amulets also influence the outlook of the equipment.

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