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Character Stats

Character Stats are the fundamentals of a character in Tree of Savior game. Whenever a player levels up, one stat point is offered per level for players to invest into five stats: Strength, Vitality, Intelligence, Spirit and Agility. These points will then affect the whole set of basic stats of a player e.g. attack and defense properties. Status effects may affect these stats and properties.

Basic Stats

  • Health Points (HP)
    Health points
  • Magic Points (MP)
    Spell points (Mana)
  • Stamina Points (SP)
    Stamina points that allows character to sprint or dash. When depleted, character will walk instead.
  • HP Recovery
    HP recovery rate
  • SP Recovery
    SP recovery rate
  • Movement Speed
    Movement speed
  • Carry Weight
    Amount of weight you can carry
  • EXP
    Character experience points
  • CLS
    Character class experience points

Main Stats


  • Strength
    Increases physical damage and critical hit
  • Vitality
    Increase HP, HP recovery rate, resistance for critical hit and max weight
  • Intelligence
    Increase magical damage and block penetration
  • Spirit
    Increase SP and SP recovery rate
  • Agility
    Increase hit rate, critical hit rate and evasion

Attack Stats

  • Physical Damage
    Physical attack damage, can be increased by increasing Strength
  • Magic Damage
    Magic attack damage, can be increased by adding Intelligence
  • Hit Rate
  • Critical Chance
    Percentage of attack that deals bonus damage
  • Critical Damage
    Additional critical damage
  • Splash
    Splash Radius
  • Block Penetration
  • Magic Penetration

Defense Stats

  • Physical Defense
    Defense against physical attacks
  • Magical Defense
    Defense against magical attacks
  • Splash Defense
    Defense points vs splash damage
  • Critical Resistance
  • Dodge
    Rate of evading attacks completely
  • Block

Size Damage

  • Small Target Damage
  • Medium Target Damage
  • Large Target Damage

Race Type Damage

  • Beast Type Target Damage
  • Demon Type Target Damage
  • Insect Type Target Damage
  • Mutant Type Target Damage
  • Plant Type Target Damage

Offense/Defense Type Damage


  • Slashing Type Damage
  • Stabbing Type Damage
  • Striking Type Damage
  • Magic Type Damage
  • Cloth Defense Target Damage
  • Leather Defense Target Damage
  • Metal Plating Defense Target Damage
  • Ghost Defense Target Damage

Elemental Properties


  • Fire Attribute Damage
  • Ice Attribute Damage
  • Electric Attribute Damage
  • Earth Attribute Damage
  • Poison Attribute Damage
  • Holy Attribute Damage
  • Dark Attribute Damage
  • Fire Attribute Resistance
  • Ice Attribute Resistance
  • Electric Attribute Resistance
  • Earth Attribute Resistance
  • Poison Attribute Resistance
  • Holy Attribute Resistance
  • Dark Attribute Resistance
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