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Monsters first appeared in the game when Tree of Savior (TOS) appeared in the Earth and goddesses stopped existing in the Earth. Monsters spawn in random locations and appear as different species, size, defense, attribute of attacks, skills and de-buff status. Some monsters are neutral and some monsters are aggressive. Although they are spawned randomly across the map, monsters will naturally group together to form groups.

Common monsters are evenly distributed through different areas of the maps, and will often have matching levels to the ones around them. Dungeons, as well as quest instances, will feature boss monsters, which take much more involved strategies in order to be defeated, and will require players to understand their attack patterns and be able to avoid their attacks in order to survive. Defeating them will generally grant the players large amounts of experience, as well as rare and potentially unique items. These boss monsters have been shown to be able to be challenged alongside other players in most occasions.

Parallel to boss monsters are the rare roaming MvP* monsters, which exist in different maps of the world and will take several minutes (or hours) to respawn once a player has defeated them. Just like other boss monsters, these will drop rare and generally elusive items.

There are monsters that are allies too. Some classes have skills to control or summon monsters. For example, Druid has the skills to transform into monsters or mind control them.

When a player kills a monster, he will gain experience, in-game currency and chance to obtain an item. These items can be sold to NPC or traded to other merchants.

Normal Monsters Discovered

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